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Hello! Nice to meet you on my site!

My name is Natalia, I got my first apricot poodle in 2006. Since then my heart and soul belong to this breed and this color.

Caring for the quality of your puppy begins long before he is born. For us, breeding is not just mating two dogs of the same breed. We carefully study breeding lines for health and temperament. Understanding the limited genetic pool of toy poodles in Australia, due to the remoteness of our country from the rest of the world and the difficulties associated with quarantine, we invest a huge amount of effort, time and money in bringing new blood. Only the best in conformation, temperament and health dogs participate in our breeding program. We carefully select breeding pairs to get the best puppies.

Our dogs are part of our family. They live in our house, receive the best food and care. All our animals are vaccinated and free of parasites or infections. They walk on the lawn on our 2.5 acre lot or, if the weather doesn't favor walking, we learn commands or relax in the air-conditioned space. A couple of times a month we attend dog shows - this is a great opportunity to socialize dogs and communicate with like-minded people ourselves.

We are interested in the development of the breed, and not just in reproduction. We set ourselves two goals - to return red and apricot toy poodles to the Australian show rings (over the past decade, red toy poodles in Australia have degenerated due to a lack of new blood) and to enable true connoisseurs of red toy poodles to purchase a truly high-quality dog ​​- a beautiful, problem-free with excellent mentality and health.

The owners of our puppies are pleased with healthy, beautiful dogs. We are always in touch with our furkids, always ready to answer any questions. We also arrange picnics for our puppy  owners.

Our kennel is proud of the quality of the produced dogs, if you want to get a pet or possibly a future show dog, or maybe you are thinking of becoming a breeder, then we are always happy to answer all questions related to the purchasing of one of our puppies.

Welcome to Gingerbreed family!

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