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Why buy a pedigree purebred dog?

What is a breed? A breed is a specific group of domestic animals having a homogeneous appearance (phenotype), homogeneous behavior, and/or other characteristics that distinguish it from other organisms of the same species.

The breed is a product of many years of systematic selection to consolidate the desired qualities.

  •  Buying a purebred puppy, you buy guarantees that your dog will have a number of external and behavioral features inherent in this breed. There are more than 180 registered dog breeds in Australia, any person can choose an animal that suits his lifestyle and aesthetic needs.

  •  Buying a purebred animal allows you to plan your life. Among purebred dogs, you can choose not only a pet, but also a partner for sports or work. If you live in an apartment or a small house, are prone to allergies, prefer quiet walks, just want to have a companion or need an emotional support dog then a petite sized non-shedding dog, such as a Toy Poodle, will suit you perfectly. If you love to play sports, dream of a four-legged partner for running or participating in training competitions, consider the Border Collie. Living on a farm, you are likely to be interested in maremma, if you have sheep, your choice could be Australian kelpie.

  • But only buying a puppy from a responsible, registered Dogs Australia (ANKC) breeder guarantees that you are paying money for a purebred dog. In some states of Australia, for example, in Queensland, you can be 100% sure that your red toy poodle comes from the declared parents, since here all puppies genetically confirm their origin (Gingerbreed Toy Poodles uses the Orivet laboratory).

  •  Buying a purebred puppy with a pedigree also allows you to enter dog shows. Many people get hooked on winning and find a hobby that they are passionately devoted to all their lives. This is a great opportunity to find like-minded friends, as well as solve the problem of leisure.

  •  Responsible breeders take health issues seriously. They know their lines, they test animals for diseases that are most common in the breed. They use the information received to build their own breeding program, striving to get not only beautiful, pedigree, but also healthy animals. Responsible breeders give a guarantee of health for testable genetic diseases.

  • It is important that a responsible breeder does not abandon his puppies. If, due to some life problems, you can no longer keep your dog, the breeder will help find it a new home. Perhaps he will take the dog to his place for a while, if circumstances require immediate action.

PS: Please note - all responsible breeders of purebred dogs are registered with Dogs Australia, but unfortunately not all breeders registered with Dogs Australia are responsible. Here is such a paradox... Choose you breeder wisely!

Sincerely yours,

Gingerbreed Toy Poodles

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