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Poodle sizes varieties in Australia

Poodles have three height varieties (according to ANKC standard): the Standard Poodle (from 45 cm at the withers and above), the Miniature Poodle (from 28 to 45 cm) and the Toy Poodle (up to 28 cm at the withers).

For adults or families with teenage children, any variety of poodle will do. If you are expecting or have children under 5 years old, it is wiser to refuse to choose a toy poodle. Larger poodles will better adapt to the turmoil that small children start and survive it with the least consequences. Older people, on the contrary, should pay attention to those poodles that are easier to handle. Poodles of larger varieties can also be reliable companions for an older person, but their size may be too large for a small dwelling and cannot be picked up if necessary.


When choosing a size variety, also consider your lifestyle. The Miniature and Standard Poodle need good exercise and will suit more active, even athletic people.

You should not be guided by the principle "the smaller - the better" and strive to acquire a "pocket" version of the poodle. Of course, there are always breeders who, for the sake of lovers of tiny dogs and, accordingly, for their own benefit, purposefully get very small puppies in weight and size, sold with the “teacup” trademark. As an adult, such mini-dogs weigh no more than 1.5 kg, while normal toy poodles should weigh 2-5 kg. The appearance of such tiny dogs has obvious signs of dwarfism - a spherical skull, a large ungrown fontanel, bulging eyes, a too short upturned muzzle, a shortened lower jaw, and a humpbacked back. These dogs are very fragile, easily injured, often have health problems and have a short lifespan, often less than 5 years.

Another dishonest trick used by "greeders" is underfeeding puppies, as a result, at the age of 8 weeks you get a baby weighing 500-800g. But as soon as he gets into normal conditions, he, literally in a week, will gain the weight and height that he is supposed to by nature.

Be careful when choosing a breeder, do not buy dogs from puppy mills and pet stores.

Sincerely yours,

Gingerbreed Toy Poodles

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