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Toy Poodle coat

Let's talk about coat. One of the indisputable advantages of the poodle is its rich, pleasant to the touch non-shedding coat. Due to its unique coat, the poodle does not leave hair on your furniture and clothes during shedding. Poodles also do not have a specific smell of dog. Sounds very attractive, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, regular grooming procedures are attached to these undeniable advantages. It doesn't matter if you have a future show star or a pet, any poodle needs regular grooming. Just because a poodle doesn't leave its hair everywhere, like a husky or a sheepdog, doesn't mean it doesn't shed.

It’s just that his shedding, due to the specific quality of coat, goes differently. The poodle does not drop the hair that has fallen out, he continues to wear it in his fur coat, and if it is not removed in time, tangles form. Some poodles have a lot of undercoat, they are distinguished by a thick coat similar in quality to sheepskin. In toy poodles, this type of coat is rare and atypical for the breed. But if you are "lucky enough" to have a pet with such a skin, the most humane thing for you and for him (and for Groomer) will be to choose a short haircut.

In general, poodles have a small amount of undercoat and a good quality coat, and you can choose any style of haircut for your pet. The choice of haircut style should be approached responsibly - more spectacular haircuts with long hair (more than 2.5cm) will require more effort from you to keep your pet in decent shape. If you lead an active lifestyle - bush walk, walk along the beach, or live on a farm, and also do not plan to visit the groomer monthly, then you should opt for short haircuts.

Everyone who purchases a puppy from our kennel receives with him a professional flexible slicker brush and comb. From the moment your puppy enters your home, you need to train him to groom. Before the puppy arrives in a new home, he will have already been washed and lightly trimmed several times. He will also be familiar with the brush and comb. Your first visit to the groomer should be scheduled in advance, one week after the second vaccination (usually this vaccination is given at 12 weeks).

You have chosen a good groomer, signed up for him - well done! But this is not the time to relax - you have a few weeks to teach your baby not to be afraid of a hair dryer (when drying your hair, carefully take your puppy and direct a small pressure of warm air on his body, cheer and praise if he is calm). And every day, gently comb the puppy with a brush and a comb on the table. Choose a stable, low table, place a non-slip mat on it, and place your puppy on it.Never leave it unattended on the table! While the coat is short, do not be zealous, stroke it and do not forget to praise it for its calm attitude to the procedures. Start training with a couple of minutes, gradually increasing the time spent on grooming. Don't skimp on praise! Believe me, the time spent on training will pay off handsomely.


Enjoy your puppy be safe and happy,

Sincerely yours,

Gingerbreed Toy Poodles

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