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Toy poodle: pros and cons

Poodle. The old European breed is loved all over the world and has a huge number of fans. And in Australia, the toy poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds. Why did so many people give their hearts to the playful cutie poodle? Someone saw handsome poodles at a dog show and was captivated by their proud posture, grace and noble appearance. Someone has heard extraordinary stories about a neighbor's poodle who brings slippers and a newspaper, understands everything, but does not speak. Someone saw a cute fluffy puppy and was fascinated by his funny look.

But very few people have really tried to get to know this dog breed before getting a puppy. But no breed is made only of virtues (just as there are no ideal people), in the content of each dog there are difficulties and unexpected moments. Therefore, it is very sad to meet people in whose house that poodle lives, which at the same time did not become "the best dog in the world", which does not please others with its bright temperament (but only annoys), beauty (an ungroomed poodle looks like a dirty mop) and mind (the owners did not have enough time and patience for training and education).

You have chosen a toy poodle. We want to congratulate you on this decision! Perhaps buying a puppy is the only way to buy happiness for money. You should always remember that you are choosing not a live toy and not entertainment for your child (Toy poodle puppies are very fragile and we do not recommend getting a puppy for a family with children under 5 years old). Lasting friendship and the joy of daily communication is possible only with the coincidence of interests and temperament. Do not get a poodle if you disappear at work all day and go on business trips without being able to take it with you - you will suffer yourself and torture the dog. Poodles are very attached to their owners and can hardly endure separation.

Don't get a poodle if you can't keep your dog in your home - the poodle is not adapted to life in the yard. See if you can put the time and money into grooming your poodle's gorgeous coat. Keeping the coat clean and free of tangles is an important contribution to your dog's health.

Have you studied and considered everything well and your decision has remained unchanged? Then go ahead - to the raising and training of the best dog in the world!

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