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Male or female? Who to choose?

Males, as a rule, are more curious, more energetic, more cocky and straightforward, females are more gentle, accommodating and at the same time more cunning. Bitches have estrus twice a year, and during this period, the owners add to the hassle, while males are not indifferent to the current females all year round. But, in the case of desexing, the problems associated with sexual behavior are leveled and the difference between males and females becomes insignificant.

Desexing surgery is simpler and less expensive in males, since all the affected organs are outside. Girls are waiting for abdominal surgery, which carries more risks. In particular, a small percentage of bitches after ovariohysterectomy suffer from urinary leakage. This is caused by a sharp change in the hormonal background and the individual reaction of the body to this. This condition is successfully corrected with synthetic hormones in most cases.

Also, we recommend desexing for girls after the first season. This slightly reduces the percentage of protection against breast tumors, but dramatically reduces the risk of bladder problems. In addition, desexing of both females and males at an early age (up to 6 months) often entails problems in the development of the musculoskeletal system. In the absence of the right hormones, the bones do not stop growing for a long time, which can affect the health of the joints. Therefore, we recommend to desex our puppies not earlier than 9-12 months.

Males, due to physiological characteristics, need longer walks than females. Females are able to empty the bladder in one or two times, while males mark many times and it takes about half an hour to walk them. In general, there is not much difference for the owner, unless, of course, you plan to breed.

When planning your dog's participation in shows, keep in mind that the male always remains in good shape, unlike the bitch, who loses hair during estrus after giving birth.

Many breeders note the so-called “cross rule”, which is that bitches often choose a man as their favorite, and a woman as their favorite. According to our observations, this rule is confirmed. The choice is yours!

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