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How often can you wash your dog?

Here I once again came across completely wild ideas about grooming dogs, including poodles. For some reason, many breeders and veterinarians give advice from books on dog breeding from the beginning of the last century. In particular, there is a widespread misconception that it is harmful to wash a dog frequently. So - these recommendations were relevant when people had access only to laundry soap and water in a river. Of course, in such conditions it is problematic to wash yourself, let alone dogs (which, by the way, in those days played a purely practical role - they lived in the yard, grazed cattle, killed rats and guarded the territory).

The modern role of the dog is completely different - in most cases, we get animals not for utilitarian purposes, but for the soul. Companion dogs are ubiquitous. These animals not only share a house with their owners, but often sleep in the same bed with them and eat from the same plate. How people manage to sleep with a dirty, tangled and smelly dog ​​is beyond my head.

In the century since those recommendations were written, the cosmetic industry has come a long way, hundreds of shampoos and conditioners have been invented for every type of coat. You can bathe your pet as often as necessary (sometimes you need to partially wash your dog daily) without causing any damage to his skin and coat. Of course, you need to choose the right cosmetics and use it according to the instructions.

It is necessary to accustom a dog to hygiene procedures from childhood - including washing and drying.

I wish you a healthy relationship with your clean and well-groomed dog.

Sincerely yours,

Gingerbreed Toy Poodles

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