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Do I really need a dog?

The Toy Poodle has an amazing appearance - it seems that he got into our everyday life from a fairy tale or from a toy store. A cloud of wool that you just want to touch, shiny eyes and a nose, an affectionate and cheerful disposition do not belong to a soft toy, but to a real living dog that you can’t put on a shelf when you gets bored. Like any living creature, the toy poodle requires constant care, and like any dog, he needs communication, attention and love from his person.

A poodle, regardless of size, is not a dog for the lazy people. The poodle needs walks and active games, mental stimulation, training that will ensure the obedience of your puppy. The toy poodle does not shed and does not have a specific "doggy" smell - this is a great advantage, but the poodle's beautiful coat requires regular careful care.

You need to be ready to enter new regular expenses into your family budget: food, regular vaccinations, treatments for parasites and vet checks. You will need collars, leashes, bowls,  bed, accessories and cosmetics for everyday care, the payment for regular (at least once every three months) visits to the groomer. These costs will be especially high in the first year of puppy life: more frequent visits to the veterinarian, health insurance, a visit to the training ground or consultations with a dog trainer are necessary. In addition to regular expenses, emergencies also happen, and for this situations you need to constantly have a fairly significant amount of money.

The same is true for spending time. Will you be able to give your pet throughout his life (poodles live 13-18 years) an hour or two daily? Especially a lot of attention and patience will require a puppy in the first year and a half. You need to help him get comfortable in a new place, teach him new rules. You need to deal with your puppy, play with it to accustom to combing and toilet, to master the world around with him, to experience a difficult puberty period.

You will have to change your usual routine. And who will replace you if you need to leave for a long time or be late for a couple of hours when you come home? Business trips, rush jobs at work, a common cold that can put you in bed for a week... Vacations will also have to be planned taking into account the fact that you will have to take the dog with you or leave it with someone. Perhaps someday you will have to sacrifice a trip for the sake of your four-legged friend.

Small children in the house is an occasion to think and weigh everything again. It will not always be easy to handle a child and a puppy at the same time. And, unfortunately, it may happen that the child, unwittingly, injures the puppy or hurts him, or the puppy that has grown up, but not yet trained in manners, hurts the child. You can explain how to properly handle a dog from to a child the age of 6-8, until this age kids should not be left alone with the dog. Relying on the mind and endurance of even an adult dog in this situation is unreasonable, children and dogs should interact only under adult supervision.From the same 6-8 years old, the child can be gradually involved in caring for the dog, giving him tasks according to his strength. Of course, you can send a teenager to walk the dog on his own, but all the same, the main burden of care and upbringing, important decisions, financial issues and all responsibility remain on the shoulders of the parents. Therefore, when purchasing a poodle for a child, at the request of the child and with his oath assurances that he will do everything himself, be aware that this is almost impossible. This will be your dog.

Choose wisely!

Sincerely yours,

Gingerbreed Toy Poodles 

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