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Puppy papers

When you buy a puppy from a Dogs Australia registered breeder, you get:

1. Veterinary passport, in which the first vaccination and microchip is noted

2. Documents signed by the breeder for microchip re-registration

3. Contract for the sale of a puppy.

4. As a rule, conscientious breeders also give a small puppy pack. Each breeder fills gifts to his liking. In our kennel, the pappy pack includes food for the first couple of days, a blanket, comb, slicker brush, shampoo and a toy.

5. You will receive a pedigree a few weeks after you take your puppy home. This is due to the timing of registration of litters in Dogs Australia. There are two types of pedigrees in Australia: main and limited.

Main register dogs can be;

  • shown in conformation shows in order to gain titles

  • bred from to another Main Register dog of the same breed and have their progeny registered as purebreds

  • Exported overseas

(Unless otherwise agreed to and stated at point of sale on the transfer application.)


Limited register dogs 

  • Cannot be shown at shows 

  • Cannot be bred from or have progeny registered as pedigreed puppies 

  • Cannot be exported 

  • Can only be moved back over to the Main register by the Breeder even after being transferred to a new owner. 

  • Dogs having Non Standard colours* can only be registered on the Limited Register and can never be upgraded to the Main register.

* The colours, variations and patterns as stated in the current Breed Standards will be the criteria for registration on the Main Register. Dogs with colours, variations or patterns not detailed in the breed standard will be registered on the Limited Register

Carefully read the pedigree from both sides, if you bought a puppy for breeding, then your pedigree should not have any restrictions on this.

If you have a mark - not for breeding, this means that you can participate in dog shows, but you have no right to receive puppies from this dog. If you do get puppies, they won't have pedigrees.

Limited pedigree is a document certifying the origin of a pet. Dogs with this type of pedigree cannot be shown or bred. But you may well participate in training competitions.

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