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About mixed breeds

At the beginning of the 21st century, the so-called designer dog breeds began to gain popularity. This fashion originated in Australia and has spread around the world. In the strict sense of the word, these are not breeds - they are mestizos obtained from crossing purebred parents; they are often also called mixes, since such a name is more euphonious, although it does not change the essence. Poodles are often used to create mixes, since a wide range of sizes allows poodles to be crossed with very different breeds. The poodle, as a rule, passes on to offspring its friendly character, as well as the specific structure of the coat, which gives the crossbreeds an unusual and funny look.

Among the most famous mixes of the Poodle -  Labradoodle is the mestizo of the Labrador and the Standard Poodle. Also popular are cawoodle - poodle crossed with cavalier king charles spaniel, maltipoo - poodle and maltese. From representatives of these breeds and a poodle, crossbreeds of the first generation are obtained, similar to each other. However, periodically the manifestation of parental traits in offspring is unpredictable.

Creation of custom animals by crossbreeding is not unusual: crosses of chickens (isa brown) are widely known for their increased egg-laying, crossbreeds of cattle breeds are often used in meat industry.

In dog breeding, separate attempts have been made to create custom dogs that combine the qualities of different breeds, but since mestizos must be obtained each time anew, two breeds have to be kept clean to obtain puppies and the practical use of mestizos does not pay for itself. Working as guides for the blind or performing in cynological sports, Labradoodles do not surpass Labradors and Standard poodles in this. But what is not suitable for practical purposes pays off as a source of pleasure. Mixes are fashionable and expensive.

Expensive - because in order to obtain a more or less predictable result in the first generation, not any representatives of the original breeds should be used, but animals that have passed a certain selection: healthy, pedigree, with a stable nervous system and with stable heredity, that is, from such lines and families, in which puppies of consistently good quality are obtained from generation to generation. Such breeding dogs are not cheap in themselves (and in Australia, no breeder with high quality animals will sell a breeding animal for this purpose). With conscientious work with designer breeds, the high price of puppies is justified.


However, like any fashionable and prestigious product, mixes are often the object of falsification and speculation. Unfortunately, in Australia, cynological organizations do not control the receipt of crossbreeds, even fashionable ones, therefore, mainly unscrupulous people are engaged in such activities. As it was mentioned before - high quality purebred dogs are not available for cross breeding in Australia, so, greeders used an animals which disqualified from purebreed breeding because of aggressive or coward behaviour or health problems.

It is well known that mestizos of the first generation cannot be crossed with each other, since the features of the original breeds appear in unpredictable combinations. Despite this, speculators cross mixes among themselves. Often, dogs only remotely similar to thoroughbreds are used as the parent breed. Those who breed dogs for profit run so-called puppy farms with many popular breeds, and further poodle-like descendants are returned to poodle breeding by these unscrupulous dealers, so the uncharacteristic traits of the breed continue to appear many generations later.

In this case, the price of mixes can be called unreasonably high.

Only when buying a puppy from Dogs Australia registered breeder you can be sure that you are buying a purebred dog. Otherwise, it is a lottery with a very low chance of winning.

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